Establishment of the Company

Misr Hotels Company, an Egyptian joint stock company, incorporated under the Prime Minister's decision, issued on 11/05/1955 published in the Egyptian Gazette issue number 48 on 20/06/1955, according to the Companies Act No. 26 of 54 on the regulations of joint stock companies.
In 1971Misr Hotels Company became a subsidiary to the General Egyptian Organization for Tourism and Hotels to be part of the public sector companies subject to the provisions of Law No. 60 of 1971. 

In 1983 the company became subject to the provisions of Law No. 97 of 1983 and its implementing regulations on the public sector bodies and companies.
In 1991 the company became subject to the provisions of the Public Business Sector Law No. 203 of 1991 and its implementing regulations under which the company became one of the subsidiary companies of the Holding Company for Tourism, Hotels 


Company's Target

Carrying out all Tourism & Hotel activities including constructing, buying and selling hotels , resorts , casinos and restaurants.

Contracting to utilize beaches, sea and Nile ports, diving and water sports clubs, entertainment sites and parks. Then preparing those ventures and furnishing them to be managed whether individually or by a management company (under MHC supervision).

Joining or participating in similar companies and organizations, and carrying out tourism, banking, financial, commercial, industrial and real estate businesses related to the company within Egypt or abroad.

Carrying out the urban development activities for the tourist sites.

Misr Hotels Company

Misr Hotels Company was established since 1955 and is considered to be one of the leaders of Tourism and Hotels industry in Egypt. The purpose of establishing the company is to be at the fore front of the market dealing with multiple activities such as selling & purchasing Hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, beaches.. Etc. The company is also self-manage Hotels or through third parties and participate with other interties and similar bodies or directly participate in tourism business, banking, financial, commercial & real-estate related to the purpose of establishing the company either in Egypt or abroad. The company is stock listed an is working under the umbrella of the Holding company for Tourism, Hotelsled by Mrs. Mervat Hataba Chairman & Managing Director. The team that’s leading the company is a group of entrepreneurs with a strong back ground of the hotel industry, and they are on top of the market latest trends.