Letter from the Chairman of Misr Hotels Company

Misr Hotels Company was established since 1955 and is considered to be one of the leaders of Tourism and Hotels industry in Egypt.The purpose of establishing the company is to be at the fore front of the market dealing with multiple activities such as selling & purchasing Hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, beaches......


MR. abd elaziz eid

CEO & Managing director


MR. Hussien Radwan mohamed


Mr. Mohamed Hany saif elnasr

Experienced board member

Mr.Mohamed Hisham Zaazou

board Member - representative of private capital

MRs. Rasha Mohamed Omar

Experienced board member

Shares in joint ventures

Abu Dhabi Company

MHC contributions percentage in this company is 2.72% from the paid in capital.

Misr Aswan Company

MHC's contributions percentage in this company is 3.68% of the paid in capital.

Rowad El- Wahat Company

MHC's contributions percentage in this company is 3.92% of the paid in capital.

Misr Sinai Company

MHC's contribution percentage in this company is 1.4% of the paid in capital.

Purpose of the company in accordance with the Statute:

Do all the tourist activities and hospitality including those willing and buy and sell hotels and resorts and Almaty and tourist resorts and bathrooms and casinos, restaurants and bars and contract for the exploitation of beaches and marine Nile and diving, water games and means of entertainment, parks and other, furnishing, preparation and management and other clubs whether and ports on their own or to entrust to others for management and subscription and join      with others to companies and similar bodies or directly subscribe to, and tourism, banking and financial, commercial, industrial and real estate-related business for the purpose of the company, whether in Egypt or abroad...


Hotels owned by the Company

The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo - In 1959 President Gamal Abdel Nasser inaugurated the Nile Hotel, previously known as the Nile Hilton Hotel. Ideally settled in the heart of Cairo, overlooking the River Nile, neighbor to the Egyptian Museum, the National Party and the Arab League headquarter. The Hotel was the venue that welcomed many Hollywood stars, political and business leaders. After 50 years under the management of Hilton International Co., the management of Misr Hotels co., the owning company of the hotel, believed in giv website

Safir Dahab Resort Hotel - The opening date of the hotel 17/12/1998 Reopened after extensive hotel renovations on 15/8/2022 The total area of the hotel 81478.27 square meters The hotel location The hotel is located in Dahab in South Sinai Governorate with a facade of 230 meters on the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba and the region is characterized by the exercise of water sports, diving and sail, it is also characterized by unique coral reefs and rare marine and fish species. The hotel borders The northern boundary: Total leng website

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